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Miele S7210 Twist: The Upright Vacuum Cleaner

miele s7210 twistMiele S7210 Twist


Miele S7210 Twist is design as a topnotch upright vacuum cleaner. Miele S7210 is designed with powerful and top quality technologies making it a very efficient household cleaning tool.

This affordable upright vacuum cleaner suits for all types of flooring.

Miele S7210 Twist upright vacuum cleaner uses a very quite but powerful 1,200-watt Vortex Motor System.

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The Miele S7210 Twist showcases its 4 Suction Settings which is controlled by as easy, adjustable rotary dial.

The suction settings are for curtains, deep pile, low pile and smooth surfaces.

It is also built with a Swivel Neck designed with 360° swivel casters and superior engineered Park position Technology allow great cleaning maneuver even under furniture and beds. While using the self-adjusting powerhead and spring brush roll can clean any types of floor surfaces, adapting from carpet to any hard floor design.

The upright vacuum cleaner, Miele S7210 Twist, has an air-tight sealing system that eliminates 99.99% particles at 0.3 micron when used with HEPA filter and 94%  particles at 0.3 micron when used with Super Air Clean filter. The Sealed Filtration System comes with a pre-motor filter, an air clean exhaust filter, and an AirClean dust bag.

Miele S7210 Twist can clean a 55-feet radius due to the fact that it is also designed with a 12-feet extended flexible hose, 39-feet cord and a telescopic wand which is ideal in cleaning a staircase, upholstery and hard to reach areas. An Anti-Tip Feature is present in the hose presenting it from tipping over whenever the suction hose is used.

This powerful upright vacuum cleaner can be integrated with 3 accessory tools namely: upholstery nozzle, 12″ crevice tool, and dusting brush. These are finely stored at the back of the cleaner.

Miele S7210 Twist strictly abides the manufacturer’s reputable motto, “Forever Better”, creating products with extra care, great concentration, and attention to slightest details.


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  • 1,200-watt Vortex Motor System
  • 4 Suction Settings
  • Park Position Technology
  • 360° Swivel Neck
  • Sealed Filtration System
  • Large Radius Cleaning Ability
  • 3 Accessory Tools Holder



  • Dimensions: 45 x 10.5 x 15.5 inches
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Flexible Hose: 12 Feet
  • Cord: 39 feet
  • Radius Cleaning: 55 feet
  • Caster Wheels: 360°
  • Suction Settings: curtains, deep pile, low pile and smooth areas





  • Heavy
  • Expensive


What Customers Say About Miele S7210 Twist

*Lina claimed that it is excellent in cleaning under their beds; she likes the swivel neck technology that is employed on the cleaner.

*Gerard said that it is easy to use and has a great maneuverability in cleaning.


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