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Miele s5280 Pisces Review

Miele s5280 PiscesMiele s5280 Pisces


The Miele s5280 Pisces Vacuum Cleaner is designed with Allergotec on its floorhead.

This is hygiene sensor which can detect level of contamination in the area.

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The metal sensor plate above the floorhead is the one responsible for this sensory action and detections.

The dust particles in the house are filled with allergens. Once they pass through this metal plate sensor, it creates electrical impulses thus creating signal. The unit also has the Miele Active HEPA filter which has activated charcoal that makes the room free from any unwanted odors. This vacuum is able to clean any floor surfaces and coverings.

The footswitch is changeable which makes the floorhead adapt to various surfaces. The Bagged Dust of Miele s5280 Pisces has the capacity to carry 4.5 liters of dust.


Miele s5280 Pisces Product Features:

  • 6.5m Cord length
  • Allergy filtration
  • Carpet & hard floors cleaner
  • Crevice tool
    • 1.09 meter extendable tubes

According to a Miele s5280 Pisces review, the product is popular among many consumers because of its attractive design especially to those who wanted to get away from the common upright vacuum cleaner. The HEPA filter system is integrated into the device which can eliminate 99.97 percent of particles in the floor and in the air. This is great for those families with any member suffering from allergy.

This Miele s5280 is also great for those who have pets inside their homes. The odor in the household will be removed using this product. Miele s5280 Pisces is better in cleaning surfaces since it helps in reducing harmful elements and makes the room odorless. Just like any other product created by Miele, this also uses high output motor system.

The 1,200 watt vortex is fitted into the canister vacuum and this has become Miele’s trademark. This allows powerful suction and the design is known to last a very long time. The unique sound insulation in the vacuum canister makes this product very quiet even when the equipment is already running.

This feature is an excellent addition because it allows the person to use the device even when surrounded by many people or those who are sharing the same building like in apartments. Additional features of Miele s5280 Pisces include the power nozzle 205-3 Turbo and the dial control with six power settings.


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Miele s5280 Pisces Pros and Cons:


  • This Miele s5280 Pisces is great for households where there are pets and people who suffer from allergies because of its superb suction power and HEPA filter.
  • The debris suctioned is stored into the vacuum and not sent back to air due to unpleasant exhaust.
  • The Miele s5280 Pisces is equipped with self storage so that any attachments no longer need to be placed or stored somewhere else.
  • The hose is created with great strength and versatility so that the brush can better clean the area.
  • The Miele s5280 Pisces vacuum canister is also designed with curtain settings for easy cleaning on curtains and valances.
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  • Short power chord. It would be better if the cord is longer by about 5 to 6 feet more so that it would not be necessary to change from one power outlet to another.
  • The HEPA filter bags and the whole unit is expensive to maintain.


What customers have to say about the Miele s5280 Pisces?


According to Brenda T, the Miele s5280 Pisces is a love at first sight. When she saw it and read the review regarding this vacuum cleaner, all the positive things happen such as the following:

“ It is so easy to use that I don’t mind vacuuming and dusting (as much!).

The Miele picks up dog hair from all floor types – carpet, linoleum, tile, and hardwood. Yeah!

I don’t sneeze while I’m vacuuming because it’s not spitting out any dusty exhaust.

There’s a special setting to use (with lower suction) for cleaning curtains.”


Based on the experience of A. McKenzie, this vacuum cleaner is one of the best vacuums available in the market. She’s been using the Miele s5280 Pisces for eight months and she loves it. The suction of this vaccum is very good plus the included parquet floor brush has this a nice large surface area. It  does not scratch the tile.

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