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Miele s2180 Titan Review

Miele s2180 Titan

Miele s2180 Titan


The Miele s2180 Titan is the newest vacuum cleaner in the market from the reputable brand.

It is really lightweight and built to last for an average 20 years life span.

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It includes extra large G/N Bag, a Parquet Floor Brush, an SEB217-3 Powerhead, and a lot more from Miele!

The s2180 Titan is true to its name.

It uses 1,200 Watt Motor that provides users with lots of power as they clean their carpets.

At the back of the machine you can find the electronic suction dials that includes drapes, throw-rugs, furniture, quiet setting.

It is suitable for large area as well as wall to wall carpets or bare floors or rugs. The Miele s2180 Titan has 200 Watts to 1200 Watts range controls. The Miele s2180 Titan uses XL G/N Vacuum Bag. It’s a self sealed 9-layer tight bag and nails, screws or glass breakage resistant. The wand stored on the back is designed for easy keeping or storing. The s2180 Titan is packed together with a Vario-Clip and an Ergomic that is Electric Crush Proof.

The Quick-Disconnect Feature of Titan’s hose and wands mean that the wands have no external wires. Everything is easy to connect. For the entire smooth flooring for example wood or tile, the Parquet Floor Brush is suitable. The HEPA Filter and Miele Hyclean Dust Bag combination ensures that only clean air which is HEPA Certified is coming out. S2180 Titan is great for persons with allergy otherwise asthma patients.

The S2180 Titan is the perfect vacuum cleaner for you because it is easy and fun to use. It is a fitted choice for people who are price conscious. This is also suitable for first-time buyers or for individuals looking for vacuum cleaners that are highly energy efficient. You can carry it up and down your stairs for it is light making it very ideal for all household cleaning. The Miele s2180 Titan is highly recommended for those hard surfaces and pile carpeting. Miele s2180 Titan vacuum cleaners don’t only clean your floorings, but clean the air that you breathe.


Miele s2180 Titan Product Features:

  • ·         It is made in Germany and built to last. The Miele s2180 Titan has an average of 20-Year life span.
  • ·         It is extremely powerful and lightweight.
  • ·         It uses powerful 1200 watt motor.
  • ·         It comes along with HEPA Filter that is perfect for people with allergy otherwise asthma.
  • ·         It comes with Parquet Floor Brush plus SEB 217-3 power head suitable for low to medium carpeting.
  • ·         This is extremely manoeuvrable with stainless-steel telescopic wands, crush-proof Ergonomic hose plus comes with crevice tool, a Dusting Brush along with upholstery tool.
  • ·         Free Shipping!


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Miele s2180 Titan Product Pros and Cons:



  • It seems that the vacuum engineers strived to make the canister compact making it smaller than usual.

The Miele s2180 Titan is considered one of the top and best deals in the current line-up of Miele products. It is not heavy compared to other vacuum canisters and still has the Vortex motor power. It means that you won’t have to struggle cleaning your carpets. You can avail the product at a decent price that assures you with high quality. If you look for vacuum cleaner that won’t break your bank account then Miele s2180 Titan is the most excellent choice.

What customers have to say about Miele s2180 Titan?

Based on the experience of Ruth F., she owned many vacuums over the years and how she wished she had discovered Miele s2180 Titan earlier. She is extremely satisfied with the features of the product since she started doing research about the product and has read reviews and recommendations from other users. She rated the vacuum cleaner 5 stars for excellent job!

According to Christian Donner, the Miele s2180 Titan has the ability to get rid of most hair off their rugs and their upholstery. This product is pretty amazing. Although he suggested that the canister should be a little bit bigger than the usual for more space. He graded the Miele s2180 Titan not more than 3 stars.


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