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Miele Polaris S4212 Review

Miele Polaris S4212Miele Polaris S4212

Miele Polaris S4212 Canister Vacuum is built in handling bare flooring and throws area rugs. Some allergy and bronchial asthma sufferers like this lightweight also simple when using this vacuum with a Super Air Clean Filtrations.

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Attention is focused and compensated to each detail from the Miele vacuum, every curve, position and line guarantees the only factor rivalling the vacuums beauty is its functionality.

The mixture from the Super Air Clean Filter, Miele Hyclean Dust Bag, and Sealed System Construction (SSC) guarantees that only super climate is being released from the machine and little else.

Electronic suction dial is situated at the rear of the Polaris S4212, Configurations include drapes, furniture, throw-area rugs, quiet setting, large rugs and permanent carpet/bare flooring. Controls vary from 200 W to 1200 W.

The Miele Polaris S4212 comes with automatic cords return, just press cord rewind buttons. The cord winder is effective and exact and it has been through extensive robot testing in making certain it lasts. The Rug and Floor tool is fantastic for all smooth flooring and incredibly low pile carpeting. Miele Polaris S4212 enables you to definitely range from smooth flooring to carpeted surfaces having a quick click from the rocker switch. Metal glide soles are gentle to the most subtle flooring.

The carpets and area rugs could be lightly and completely cleaned with Miele Polaris S4212. Telescoping Stainless Magical wands changes towards the perfect size regardless of who uses the Miele vacuum! The magical wands are constructed with stainless, for a long time useful. Miele Polaris’s hoses are crush-proof and won’t bend or warp should you board your hoses accidentally or then drop something heavyweight onto it.

The Miele Polaris S4212 is able to securely negotiate problems is guaranteed through the three points steering. Miele Polaris vacuum has includes a crevice tools, an upholstery oral appliance dusting brushes. The VarioClip ensures tools will always be available, if you needed them.

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Miele Polaris S4212 Product Features:

  • Lightweight yet Effective Because of Miele’s Amazing 1200-Watt Vortex Motor
  • Made in Germany making To Last – The Miele Polaris includes a 20-Year Average Existence-Span
  • Sealed System Construction – Miele Polaris S4212 is ideal for any Allergy or Bronchial asthma Sufferer
  • Comes with Miele SBD450-3 Combination Rug and Floor Tool Ideal for Bare Flooring and Rugs
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Miele Polaris S4212 Pros and Cons:



  • You will find six easily adjustable energy levels with Miele Polaris S4212.
  • Miele Polaris S4212 combines power and lightweight together.
  • It cleans air that you breathe making it suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers.
  • It is built to last.
  • It has floor and rug tools which are ideal for all flooring.
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  • Off and on button ought to be situated around the canister this is not on the wand.


What clients have to say of the merchandise?


According to the experience of M. Allen Greenbaum, Miele Polaris S4212 isn’t much like for him to create a rave in regards to a vacuum, not to mention that he really uses one especially when he is motivated to do household cleaning by conscience. However, the moment he used Miele to the area rugs, he understood that he possibly could never return to the lackluster performance of cheaper machines. That’s precisely how superior the Miele is, even this, probably the most affordable within their line. It’s well worth the extra $150 approximately in comparison to top models from Eureka, Hoover, along with other popular brands.


Based on Global Music Collection, even when you have a classic Miele, like these one, you can just purchase the turbo brush and add it on-. The Miele Polaris S4212  design is consistent enough that frequently exactly the same components can be used as multiple models, covering a large length of years.

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