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Miele Calisto s5281 Review

Miele Calisto S5281Miele Calisto S5281


Miele Calisto S5281 canister vacuums are great for reduced to medium piles of carpeting, sleek flooring and houses with many pets.

This product is appropriate for houses with rugs which have borders.

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The colour of this Miele Calisto S5281 vacuum is a deep black.

This machine is definitely suitable for any rugs or carpet surfaces.

Integrated products of Miele Calisto S5281: Electrical Power brush for all carpet, SBB300-3 Parquet flooring brush SES119 Electrical Hose SET210 Electrical stainless-steel magnifying wand Deluxe deal with assembly Upholstery instrument Crevice nozzle Dusting brushes (one) HEPA Filter (two) Hyclean Bags.

The Miele Calisto s5281 is light-weight and may be handled up and down in steps with comfort. The Miele Calisto S5281 can also be extremely peaceful because of a sounds optimized enthusiast and built-in silence. Not just will be the Miele Calisto light-weight and peaceful, it’s also very potent many thanks Miele’s Vortex Motor.

This Miele Calisto s5281 vacuum cleaner was produced in Germany. The HEPA filter really traps ninety nine.99% of all particles as little as 0.three of the micron. Dirt mite feces and pollen aren’t any match for your Calisto!

The Miele Calisto has an automated cord return, just press the cord rewind button. The Miele Calisto S5281 arrives total having a crevice instrument; upholstery instrument and dusting brush are usually available because of on board instrument storage! Insert the wand and flooring brush in to the park method in the back again from the canister when you’re active with answering the door or telephone.

The Miele Calisto S5281 has two handy fittings on both aspect the canister permit for secure storage and simple transportation. No guess function right here, the Miele Calisto allows you to know when to alter your bag or when you have a blockage that should be attended to. The Miele Calisto has a Digital Suction Manage Dial with six Suction Settings- Configurations consist of Drapes, Furnishings, Throw-Rugs, Peaceful Environment, Big region rugs and Wall to Wall Carpet/Bare Floors.

The Miele Calisto’s hose deal with is ergonomic and assists maintain strain off or your wrist and features a Power head On/Off Change. Connections are inner in the hose finish, hose deal with, and power brush and link with only a click on. Miele Calisto includes Telescoping Stainless-steel Wands – Regulates for your peak using the contact of the buttons.

The Miele Calisto S5281 includes Miele Heavy-Duty SEB 228 Power heads – has 5-Different Peak Changes for various Pile Carpeting and Fantastic on Pet Hair. The Miele Calisto includes the SBB 300-3 Parquet Flooring Brush – Made to go flat below baseboards, reduced below furnishings, restricted up in opposition to kick jams and about chair legs. Ceramic, laminate and wooden surfaces aren’t any issue.


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Miele Calisto s5281 Product Features:


  • The Miele Calisto S5281 includes Electrical Power Head – Ideal for Pet Hair + High-Pile to Low-Pile Carpeting.
  • Light-weight, Peaceful and Potent Because of Miele’s Incredible 1200-Watt Vortex Motor / Produced In Germany and Produced To Final
  • The Miele Calisto features a 20-Year Typical Life-Span
  • The Miele Calisto S5281 has sealed Method Building with HEPA Filter – Ideal for just about any Allergy or Asthma Sufferer
  • This Miele Calisto S5281 includes Miele SBB300-3 Parquet Flooring Brush – Made to go flat below baseboards, reduced below furnishings, restricted up in opposition to kick jams and about chair legs.
  • Having a ninety diploma twisting rotation there not numerous locations along with this flooring brush.



Miele Calisto s5281 Prod and Cons:



  • It is Lightweight, Quiet and Powerful.
  • This Miele Calisto S5281 has Sealed System Construction.
  • Miele Calisto S5281 comes with 3 Parquet Floor Brush.
  • The quality and thoughtful design is immediately evident on this product.
  • This Miele Calisto S5281 is a great machine that can clean your carpet in a breeze.
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Miele Calisto S5281 needs quality control.



What clients need to say concerning the item?

Ian said that, Miele cleaner was suggested to us. The wooden flooring attachment will get into each corner – it is extraordinary in contrast towards the factor we had. The electrical driven carpet head also functions extremely nicely. Extremely happy using the unit.

In attempting to determine which design to purchase. began in the Miele website exactly where they checklist functions – like the electrical driven carpet head – integrated in particular designs. Nevertheless on the internet people discovered various costs for your exact same design, and it appears that for just about any one design what various websites consist of isn’t be exactly the same – particularly for your design they purchased, Calisto, there have been a number of websites advertising that design but within the good print they stated it integrated the vacuum driven carpet head, not the significantly superior, and much more costly – electrical driven head.

Primarily based around the expertise of Nikrad, recognized that cleansing could be a lot simpler having a canister and got down to do my research on which one to by. It had been apparent with minimum analysis that a Miele Calisto S5281  would most likely be his greatest choice. And whilst they anticipated to pay for $400-$600 to get a high quality vacuum, the costs around the Miele Calisto S5281  gave him substantial pause. They headed out to Sear’s to check generate the Kenmore canisters- they had no grievances about my upright- and certainly favored their costs. They used to be horrified from the high quality that they noticed on show there.

Nicely, little bit the bullet and grabbed the Calisto S5281 from the nearby vendor these days and managed to wash most my entire home within the time it might have taken me to complete two rooms. It had been apparent the Miele was performing a greater task on each my carpets and difficult floors. Their wooden handed the barefoot check for your initial time with out me scrubbing and generating numerous vacuum passes. Their thirteen yr. previous place the device collectively with out studying the directions. They managed to simply determine out every thing they are required as well to obtain cleansing immediately. House cat & dog weren’t the least little bit scared from the Calisto S5281 vacuum- the cat really let us vacuum him using the Miele Calisto S5281 and seemed to enjoy it.

Many people concerns about a learning curve going from canister to upright had been pointless. The vacuum is super simple to move about, incredibly light-weight, and trailed me like a breeze. He did manage to suck up the cord one time however thankfully the power brush shuts itself off for simple retrieval.

It had been a lot of money to get a vacuum however the standard and thoughtful designs are immediately obvious. This was the very first time they have vacuumed with out itchy eyes/sneezing. 

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