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Dyson DC35 Review for Utmost All Floor Cleaning

Dyson DC35 ReviewDyson DC35 Review


The Dyson DC35 Review is all about the Multi-Floor, lightweight stick vacuum from Dyson.

The product only weighs as much as 4.96 pounds plus it is cordless so that you can have greater freedom while moving on the house.

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According to Dyson DC35, the Multi-Floor model from Dyson includes a digital motor plus it is said that it has the cordless vac which is most powerful compared to other vacuum in the market.

The Dyson DC35 Review includes the max mode air suction which is 65 watts and a standard mode of air suction that it 28 watts. This Dyson DC35 Review model has a long wand which is removable plus a floor toll that is motorized which allows cleaning both on hard surfaces as well as carpet. This vac is powered by digital motor from Dyson which is considered the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner available in the market and its lightweight feature makes it easy to carry all over the house.

The detachable long reach wand made from lightweight aluminium allows you to reach down low, up high, as well as awkward spaces for cleaning hard to reach areas easily. Based on the Dyson DC35 Review, it has crevice tool along with docking station meant for added ease for cleaning. The cleaner head can articulate 180 without losing contact with the floor and can pivot for easier steering.

It is meant for consistent cleaning while you are steering around any furniture or obstacles inside your house according to the Dyson DC35 Review. For emptying the hygienic bin emptying only pushes the button so that dirt can be released. The clear bin allows you monitor when it is required to be emptied.

Tough construction of this vacuum in line with the Dyson DC35 made the product from strongest materials that are available. It can to endure daily bashes and bumps. You can have constant floor contact and the cleaner head can be stayed flat on the floor while pulling back the machine and when it is fully rested.

The combination accessory tool included in Dyson DC35 Review such as the nozzle can be converted to a brush tool meant for dusting. The crevice tool according to Dyson DC35 cleans the narrow spaces and tight gaps. The machine has dimensions of Height x depth x width which is 44.1 x 9.1 x 11.8 (H x W x D) and weighs approximately 4.96 lbs with the manufacturer’s 2-Year arranty.

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Dyson DC35 Review Product Features:

  • The innovative Root Cyclone System wherein powerful centrifugal forces can spin dirt and dust into the bin and out of the air without losing the suction.
  • It has the Dyson digital motor for faster, power able plus an up to 3 times quicker than conventional motors available in the market.
  • It has motorized floor tool along with carbon fiber brush for faster and powerful cleaning of all floors.
  • It has 22.2V lithium-ion battery that is fade free so that it stays strong enough while you are cleaning. It can be recharge up to 3 times quicker than others.
  • It includes dual power mode that is 15 minutes high with stable suction intended for regular cleaning and 13 minutes along with the motorized tool attachment for floors or has 6 minutes on maximum power meant for more hard tasks.


Dyson DC35 Review Pros and Cons:


  • Based on the Dyson DC35 Review, the cordless vac can give wider and faster cleaning without worrying the plugging and unplugging of the machine.
  • The machine is solidly built.
  • The suction of the machine is the same as the other Dyson products.
  • It is fast to charge to better multi-floor cleaning.
  • The 2 year warranty can give you assurance of product’s reliability.
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  • It doesn’t stand upright as it is in the Dyson DC35 Review.


What customers have to say about the Dyson DC35 Review?

Based on the Dyson DC35 Review of Matt, this machine has been his buddy because the suction is great. The overall design of the product is amazing and the idea that it is cordless allowed him to move around the house freely.

According to the Dyson DC35 Review made by Joseph Albahari, this vacuum is a pleasure to work with and it works great. It is a powerful vacuum and the machine can clean all floors. In his Dyson DC35 Review, he even rated it with 5 stars.

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