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DC25 Dyson Animal Vacuum Review for Optimum Cleaning

DC25 Dyson AnimalDC25 Dyson Animal


The DC25 Dyson Animal is equipment designed and incorporated with the Ball technology, a signature of Dyson.

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This allows the product to be easily operated with every twists and turns for easy cleaning even through various obstacles in the house.

There is no chance that you will miss even difficult areas of the house.

The powerful motor of the machine is being encapsulated in the ball design.

The low center of gravity makes it easy for the equipment to maneuver. This is designed so that even the household with pets needs not to worry about the fur and dirt causes by these animals. It could easily remove carpet dirt and the mini head allows easy cleaning of the upholstery, car and stairs.

The Telescope Reach Wand would allow you to clean hard to reach areas. The Root Cyclone Technology is used by the equipment in separating air from dirt to prevent any clogging. The HEPA Filter incorporated into the product is great for expelling the air and trapping allergens.

This DC25 Dyson Animal is washable and easy to assemble. This can expel fewer bacteria 150 times from the air. The upright cleaners of Dyson are approved by experts to be asthma friendly.

The bin of the product is 1/3 gallon and can easily be emptied with just a push of the button. You can view the bin through the clear polycarbonate cover. The controls are easy to operate using the fingertips. 220 watts suction powers, cord length of 24 feet, 40 feet maximum reach 16 pound light weight. The DC25 Dyson Animal come with 5-year labor and parts warranty.

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DC25 Dyson Animal Product Features:

  • Dyson Ball technology is incorporated into the product for smooth steer
  • Fit for household with animal as pets, cleaning is perfect with mini turbine head and motorized brush bar
  • Root Cyclone technology and Telescope Reach Wand
  • HEPA Filter for cleaning the air, hygienic vacuum cleaning
  • Dimension is 12.5 x 15.25 x 42.25 inches
  • 5-year warranty


DC25 Dyson Animal Pros and Cons:


  • It cleans your carpet the better way a vacuum should do.
  • The DC25 Dyson Animal leaves no pet hair after vacuuming.
  • The attachments of DC25 Animal clean from all one area to the other.
  • The ball of DC25 Dyson Animal assists in total cleaning mechanism.
  • It holds the name of Dyson which stands by the reputable brand name.
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  • It has smaller bin for dust and pet hairs when compared to other vacuums.


What customers have to say about the DC25 Dyson Animal?

According to the experience of Vera Casda, this DC25 Dyson Animal as a vacuum cleaner is a top rated vacuum for the reason that it cleans carpet and leaves no pet hair, it is easy to use and can be stored immediately. You can assemble the DC25 Animal easily plus the instructions can be followed without any hard work. He really loved the machine and recommends this to others who wanted to have a better and instant cleaning in a flash.

Based on the experience of Sarah, the DC25 Dyson Animal reviews have told all the features it wanted to tell the public. The ball assist in cleaning hard to reach surfaces plus the sucking mechanism makes it easy for her to glide the vacuum cleaner all over the house. She wanted a replacement for the product she bought and have realized that the DC25 Animal gives the features she ever dreamed for a household cleaning machine. The features such as the ball, the attachments and the sucking power makes this DC25 Dyson Animal ideal to homes with pets because it can get rid of pet hairs in a jiffy.

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