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DC24 Dyson – The Vacuum for All around Cleaning

DC24 DysonDC24 Dyson


The engineers of Dyson are endlessly innovating added features for the betterment of their existing products and DC24 Dyson is their newest vacuum cleaner.

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Just like a DC24 All Floors Dyson Ball, it was invented to increase the ease of the user in doing vacuum jobs.

In this technology, the vacuum is placed on top of the ball which makes it easier to maneuver it with a simple twist of the wrist.

It is guaranteed that it doesn’t lose suction while using it because of the Root Cyclone technology and also passed the IEC 60312 Cl 2.9 test standards.

Even though DC24 Dyson is smaller when compared to other models, Dyson canister of this vacuum cleaner can provide lots of users the most innovative and advanced technology for overall vacuum cleaning experience. One of these is the system called HEPA filtration which makes DC24 Dyson product as one of the best and trusted canister vacuums you can avail in the market. This feature ensures total cleaning satisfaction that makes this cleaning tool by far one of the best creations of Dyson. It offers powerful suctioning advantage. Aside from the strong suctioning abilities of DC24 Dyson, this Ball All Floors Vacuum Cleaner is considered the best pal in cleaning hard to reach areas of the floors. Its HEPA system can be perfect for those individuals with allergies. This will definitely avoid spreading germs from dust that may harm and potentiate health problem like these.

DC24 Dyson is said to be a concentrated technology because its performance is equivalent to that of other Dyson vacuums but is only 70 percent of the latter’s size.

DC24 Dyson Product Features:

  • ·         Compact and ultra lightweight. It weighs not more than 12 lbs.
  • ·         It has retractable handle for easy storage. This also makes cleaning less difficult for awkward areas.
  • ·         Can be used for all types of floor.
  • ·         Have motorized brush bar.
  • ·         It is recommended for home owners who are suffering from asthma because of the HEPA filter.
  • ·         It is handy with a measure of 13 by 11 by 43.
  • ·         All parts and labor is under the 5-year warranty.


Additional highlights for DC24 include the hygienic 1/5-gallon which automatically empties from the bottom with just a touch of the button. Another one is the polycarbonate bin which makes easier to determine when it is full and should be drained. It is powered with 115 air watts to maintain constant suction, have 20-foot cord and have detachable accessory tools to adjust for different cleaning area.

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DC24 Dyson Pros and Cons:


  • This DC24 Dyson is useful for all types of floorings.
  • The Hepa filtration system is good for those people with allergies.
  • Despite of the size, this DC24 has powerful motor for suction advantage.
  • From Dyson family, this vacuum cleaner gives better cleaning features.
  • This affordable compared to similar products in the market.
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  • The cord is way too short for further cleaning.


What customers have to say about DC24 Dyson?

Based on the experience of Donald Demuth, this upright vacuum cleaner offer one of a kind cleaning experience plus the storage is effortless because of its size. It can be operated in an easy manner and it promises all floor cleaning advantage. It is powerful enough to maintain floors clean.

According to D.W. Rose, this DC24 Dyson is smaller than the product on sale. Despite of it, it has powerful motor that is advantageous when compared to other a like vacuum in the market. Because it is lightweight, you can carry it effortlessly. Going around the house with DC24 Dyson is a breeze.

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